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Still thinking about “blockchain” on your own? Here’s what top investors are thinking ……
Still thinking about “blockchain” on your own? Here’s what top investors are thinking ……

Still thinking about “blockchain” on your own? Here’s what top investors are thinking ……


Xu Xiaoping mentioned in his internal communication mass: the blockchain revolution has come. This is a great technological revolution that those who comply with it will prosper and those who oppose it will die. Its subversion of tradition will be more rapid and thorough than the Internet and mobile Internet.

I hope everyone will act immediately to understand the blockchain and ICO and enter the blockchain era while basing on their own business and doing well in the existing model. Everyone should not have doubts and hesitations about the blockchain revolution, immediately mobilize all executives and employees to learn how to embrace this revolution!

True Foundation organized industry leaders in this area and popularized and explained blockchain knowledge to everyone. But with all my wisdom, I call on everyone to never envy the fish in the abyss, but to rush to the waves and meet the huge impact that blockchain is about to bring to all industries.

Shao Yibo: 98% of people who buy ICOs will be bloodless Here is the casino

Shao Yibo published in his circle of friends several views on the blockchain mania phenomenon:

1. 98% of people who buy ICOs will be bloodless. There are a few companies whose models are suitable for blockchain-based tokenize, but most are not. Even if it is suitable, the company’s business is successful, it does not mean that the token will have value (the details here can say a lot). Of course, there will be a few companies out of thousands that will issue tokens that will be worth a lot of money.

2. ICOs will not replace VCs. investing in early-stage startups requires professional judgment and a great deal of patience. Large, mature companies are only suitable for investment for the general public. The SEC and the SEC exist for a reason. in ’98, many immature companies were too early to market, and people who bought stocks then weren’t investing – they didn’t know how to look at it – but gambling. the ICO now allows a white paper to raise money for the public, which is much more exaggerated than in ’98, so the bubble will be bigger. It’s not financing, it’s selling lottery tickets. People who “invest” in ICOs aren’t doing VC, they’re buying lottery tickets.

3. It’s too hard to start a business. Most startups will be failures. If a VC sees 100 projects to invest in 100 projects, he’ll lose his money. There are a handful of people who buy lottery tickets who will also make money. But after the madness is over, most lotteries go to zero because most companies don’t have the business essence to support them. Of course those who sell lottery tickets are making money.

4. This casino will probably last for a while because unlike a typical casino or lottery, wins and losses are not visible in the short term. And the bigger this casino grows, the token price continues to rise, which will give the early entrants the illusion of success and increasingly feel like cattle. The longer it takes, the more miserable it ends up being. Of course there will be a small number of people who made a lot of money by luck. There will also be scammers who make even more money.

5. The above does not mean that I am not optimistic about blockchain. I invested and participated in 2013. I’m very bullish and think blockchain will reconfigure many industries, but it will take time, and also need the ability, patient entrepreneurs.

Wu Shichun: not for any ICO and hard fork endorsement

Plum Blossom Venture Capital’s Wu Shichun specifically for this matter in the circle of friends issued a statement: I do not endorse for any ICO and hard fork, in the discussion of the blockchain I will feel that certain products melt money ideas cattle, does not mean to give investment advice, not to mention support such investment behavior.

In addition, once again, I do not actively participate in any ICO and hard fork projects at this stage. Zhou Zhi, this information is allowed to be reproduced. I have to say, the last sentence is the point, right?

Xue Bazi: last year on the voice to support, but not everyone can just play

Blockchain I spoke out in support last year. However, this huge potential represents the future, but also brings unprecedented uncertainty and great risk. This is not a stock or a gold, silver or precious metal. Not everyone can just play. There are risks in entering the market, investment needs to be careful! You can’t afford to lose money, you can’t touch the top 30 virtual currencies in the world, you can’t invest in a team without successful experience, you can’t invest in a project without any reliable endorsement. You can’t be impatient, don’t be impatient, quit being greedy and quit being anxious, investment is a fine job, slow work, is a discard emotions, purely with rational intellectual activity.

There are many investment opportunities in life, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t buy a few cents of bitcoin back then. It’s okay to not buy a few cents of bitcoin back in the day. 100,000 of bitcoin also has the opportunity to appreciate in value as usual. I recommended ripple coin in 2014 only three cents today rose a thousand times, Sun is still long ripple coin, he bought more expensive than me but make more money than me! Life does not lack the opportunity to make money. But most of the children’s shoes lack is the start-up capital is small business that “this”. The “this” must be preserved like protecting your eyes.

I once again suggest: rather than miss a few tempting but not eating the opportunity, do not easily enter the market and lose all your hard-earned accumulation to make a fortune “this”. The loss of this capital will make you a big injury, no money, will make you turn around without hope. My old man is wondering every day what is the next bitcoin ripple coin ethereum. Thousands of virtual currencies are already out there, and there will be tens of thousands more. Blockchain’s good days at least thirty years, good opportunities I see will certainly share with everyone. The capital in your hands is only so little. Once the impulse to haphazardly cast light, the old manPoint out the good opportunity and you’re out of bullets! Do you agree?


Recently blockchain is super hot, I was inexplicably pulled into more than ten research groups about blockchain in one week, the most groups 500 people have been full, less groups have 10, 20 people. In fact, we Hongtai Fund has quietly done a lot of things in this area before.

We recently paid dividends in bitcoin, and I think we’re the only one in China. This is interesting, in fact so far all the funds in China when they raise capital, none of our LP agreements have a clause that says, “Do I have digital currency to share with you? Can I share bitcoin?

The vast majority of companies in the current market almost issued ICO is to finance the enterprise, basically angel projects are dying, but there are better concepts in the United States ICO, the result of the market value is very high.

Of course, we sent a few are still more future, we took over the digital currency for bitcoin, with bitcoin dividends.

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