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Fang Gang says: about blockchain
Fang Gang says: about blockchain

Fang Gang says: about blockchain

2. Blockchain is undoubtedly significant and probably the most important underlying iteration of the Internet. Information goes online, value goes up the chain, the Internet delivers information, the blockchain delivers value. Human progress relies on the use of stories to form consensus, reduce the cost of trust and improve the efficiency of transactions, these stories include religion, currency, countries, companies and so on. Blockchain is a new story that suggests that humans leave consensus to machines and algorithms to build trust without trust at a broader and deeper level, enabling value recognition and flow across intermediaries, sovereigns, and stories.

3. Windows is the OS invented for the non-connected PC, Andriod is the OS invented for the connected Phone, blockchain treats the whole Internet as a computer, there are many prototypes of OS on this computer, BTC, ETH, EOS are early explorations, the mainstream commercial OS has not been invented and competed out.

4. Blockchain OS will also not be one, for example, cell phone DAPP and DAPP on IoT devices have different optimization directions for computing, storage and bandwidth, cryptographic algorithms, consensus mechanisms and distributed storage also need to be optimized for the scenario, but the mainstream several public chains should still be.

5. liuns invention of linux is justified. One, he was in Finland, either extreme day or night, writing kernels, killing time, or excellent, otherwise people have to kill themselves; two, his father Nils Torvalds is a firm and active communist, ear to ear, he just thought of using the GPL concept to liunx to the GNU program, so that global productivity are gains. But from now on, it seems that the design concept of blockchain OS is a few segments more advanced than the linus students, it tries to improve productivity by starting from transforming production relations, involving enough organizations and individuals, and designing the roles and incentives of those involved, and the system operates autonomously.

6. It is difficult to run through the token based on OS, but a public chain implemented based on this OS can issue its own token and is very likely to run through, depending on whether the DAPP ecology on the public chain is good or not, a good DAPP not only has a huge number of users, but also the token issued by itself is extremely valuable.” The DAPPs need arithmetic, storage and bandwidth, which can be valued through the token of the public chain, while the token value of the DAPP depends on whether the services provided by the developer are really valuable. The value part can use blockchain infrastructure, for example, the value of value-added services, game props and copyrighted content provided by Tencent can be tokenized, and the value of QQ users hanging, UGC, shared computing power and other behaviors can also be tokenized. token can be anchored to fiat currency. The token can be anchored to fiat currency, but at one point, the token must not be freely convertible with fiat currency.

7. ETH skips the process of tokenizing the value of the public chain and DAPP itself, and directly engages in ICO with a white paper, and also harvests fiat currency from leeks in the secondary market exchange, which is really bad for the conscience and really makes my brain open. I used to say that advanced technology will only let society enter the high IQ low moral channel. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

8, ask me the most is to buy what tokens. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of money in the marketplace. The core circle where so good to enter, either you when the tycoon smashed countless money to become a coin holder into the door, or you have the triad resources to be able to intimidate the core circle of people have to pull you into the group. It is said that there are now not only white paper proxy services, coin issuance proxy services, but even proxy services to break into the core circle. The “centralized” cryptocurrency circle is openly cheating money under the guise of “decentralized” blockchain. It is also drunk.” The ETH TPS, sandbox design, incentive mechanism is not sound, at most it is an early DOS, I do not think it will become mainstream, so not only the tokens on the ETH will all go to zero, the ETH main token may also go to zero. Bitcoin is another matter, at the end of the day, maybe the only application running on Bitchain is Bitcoin, and Bitcoin will become the accepted benchmark currency in the blockchain world, and all public chain token, DAPP Token freely convertible, but not directly convertible with fiat currency.

10. Some people disagree and say that the ICO circle of money students are not allowed to one day really put their white paper description of the work to dry fire, token is really worth money. Bullshit, who dares to challenge human nature? Who will work after the money is earned. In the world, the only two commodities that don’t sell are truth and freedom, think about it.

11. Someone asked me about the stock. The domestic blockchain concept stocks are bullshit, don’t buy them. There is a Xunlei on the U.S. stock, in addition to the concept, there is indeed a lot of practice, you can buy, but this company has no future, not worth holding for a long time. Unless Xunlei immediately delisted, treat yourself as a quiet startup, not disturbed by revenue, focus on getting up from OS, push up the valuation in the private equity market, put 100% of the financing into research and development, there may be hope to become a great company compared to BAT.

12, this kind of reminds me of the Internet bubble when the speculators, heard that the Internet is great, excited, however, a glance over, the stock market even a decent subject are not, I heard that Yahoo not only has the concept and really do, then buy Yahoo it. Today’s Xunlei is like the year of Yahoo, only, the future of Xunlei mayEven today’s Yahoo is not as good, the management team of this company is not right, the strategy and pattern are not right.

13, Yahoo after the story we all know, the United States has FAANG, China has BAT, and recently there is TMD. blockchain is also like this, the bubble era concentrated on sending coins to cheat money is good, really want to do something, you need to enter early, slowly.