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Blockchain is on fire, what do the global bigwigs think?
Blockchain is on fire, what do the global bigwigs think?

Blockchain is on fire, what do the global bigwigs think?

A few days ago, Facebook founder Zuckerberg posted a long blog post on his Facebook page with the theme “Personal Annual Challenge”, saying he would explore the application of crypto technology and virtual cryptocurrencies in Facebook. In addition to Zuckerberg, other bigwigs also have different views and opinions on blockchain technology and its applications.

In general, many bigwigs have a bullish and wait-and-see attitude towards blockchain technology. The following is a collection and collation of views from all parties:

Xu Xiaoping, founder of the True Foundation

“all in blockchain”, may be as great as the Internet

Xu Xiaoping, founder of the True Foundation The “all in blockchain”

Just yesterday, Xu Xiaoping, the founder of the True Foundation, called on CEOs to “all in blockchain” in an internal communication group. Xu Xiaoping advised major entrepreneurs to understand blockchain, understand ICO and enter the blockchain era while standing on their own business. Do not have doubts and hesitations about blockchain, and immediately mobilize all employees to embrace blockchain.


Yao Jinbo has said bluntly that blockchain has the potential to be as great as the Internet. Yao Jinbo said, “I am now launching the whole company to look at blockchain and see how blockchain can affect 58 Tongcheng. Blockchain and 58 Tongcheng have the potential to be a natural combination, so we are taking the initiative to embrace and explore blockchain. Blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization and disintermediation, which may be as great as the Internet, and it may be a historical opportunity that is more disruptive than artificial intelligence. In addition, blockchain is not the same as AI, which is still an application of past technology, while blockchain has the potential to be as great as the Internet. Blockchain can allow the whole society to have very low-cost operation and wipe out many intermediaries.”


蔡文胜提出关于区块链的大观点:”The core of blockchain economy is not in technology, but in the reconstruction of business logic. Therefore, it is not only a technical revolution, but also a cognitive revolution.” Cai said that China’s future Internet development is not only to follow the world’s development trajectory, but also to emphasize the cognitive reform, to seize the opportunities that belong to us, to speed up the pace to let the innovative blockchain technology really land in emerging China, so that the Chinese Internet industry has a new order, new logic and new development.

Founding partner of Genesis Partners Capital, Wei Zhou: more innovations will emerge at the blockchain level

Founding partner of Genesis Partners Capital, Wei Zhou, also expressed his importance to blockchain in the recent past. Zhou Wei said: “In the technology of innovation and entrepreneurship, I am very optimistic about blockchain and artificial intelligence. But it is worth noting that blockchain is fundamental, at this level of the foundation, the application level will have many innovative examples appear, there is still explosive power has not come out, blockchain is the current company team in the serious screening of the industry.”

well-known investor Xue Banzi

it is worth mentioning that, for blockchain technology supported digital virtual currency, the bigwigs’ views are “love-hate”, divided into two factions of support and opposition. There are bigwigs who highly recommend virtual currency investments and predict that it will have greater appreciation in the future. The company’s main goal is to provide a platform for the development of a new generation of companies that will be able to provide the best possible service to their customers.



最近,另一个热于区块链技术的投资大佬薛蛮子在微博中表示对瑞波币(Ripple网络的基础货币)的 bullish. Xue Banzi expressed his opinion on Weibo: ” Many people wrote to ask me if Ripple is still available to buy. Honestly, I recommend Ripple because I see a high frequency pain point and an awesome team. The inconvenience and high cost of bank remittances will revolutionize this sooner or later. But I didn’t expect it to take so long, and I didn’t expect it to go up to such a high level once it did. I can’t tell you the future of Ripple now, but the next Ripple is right in front of us, and I’m picking ten future stars, the future Ripple.”

Ether co-founder Steven Nerayoff: Ether will replace Bitcoin

In addition to Ripple, the market value of Ether, another major cryptocurrency in the blockchain virtual currency, has fallen in recent days, but Ether Steven Nerayoff, the co-founder of Ether, is still very optimistic about it, having said that Ether will replace Bitcoin this year, and that companies from all walks of life are starting to notice the value that Ether can provide. This is because Ether’s ability to process transactions is faster and cheaper than its competitors. And whether or not Ether surpasses Bitcoin in value, the growing interest in cryptocurrency will spur Ether’s value in 2018.

金沙江創投管理总经理 朱啸虎



GSR Ventures Managing Director Zhu Xiaohu is very unpopular with blockchain virtual currency projects. Recently, Zhu Xiaohu posted in his circle of friends that GSR and himself will not participate in any ICO project, and said 99.99% of ICO projects are malicious fraud.

Stock God Warren Buffett: no intrinsic value, just a mirage

DespiteThe value of Bitcoin has had an amazingly large climb over the past time. But billionaire stock god Warren Buffett is not interested in bitcoin. Late last year, Buffett first spoke about bitcoin saying, “You can’t put a value on bitcoin because its not creating value.” In fact, back in 2014, when Bitcoin wasn’t worth so much, Buffett said, “Stay away from it, basically, it’s just a mirage. To me, it’s just a joke to say that it has tremendous intrinsic value.”

Citi CEO Corbat: Bitcoin Threat Will Lead to National Issuance of Digital Currency

Citi CEO Michael Corbat said in a media interview that the threat of Bitcoin will lead to national issuance of digital currency. According to Corbat, “I’ve never rejected new things. But a lot of new things, their original form and what they end up looking like can be very different. Bitcoin, for example, we all agree that its foundation, blockchain technology, is very valuable. But about Bitcoin itself, I struggle a bit with my thoughts. Bitcoin as a currency? It doesn’t look much like that. Bitcoin is speculation? More likely.”

Morgan Stanley CEO Gorman: Bitcoin Doesn’t Deserve Such High Attention

Recently, Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman Gorman told CNBC that Bitcoin’s ability to rally in price and take quick profits does not make it a safe investment. “A rise of more than 700 percent in a year is defined as speculation. So anyone who thinks they’re buying bitcoin as a stable investment is deluding themselves. Bitcoin may go up another 700%, but it also likely won’t.”

JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon: Has Called Bitcoin a Fraud, But Appreciates the Blockchain Technology Behind It

Previously, JPMorgan Chase Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin a fraud, saying it “won’t end well The company’s chairman and CEO, Jamie Dimon, previously called bitcoin a fraud, saying it “won’t end well. Recently, Dimon again told the media that he regrets calling Bitcoin a scam, but is still not interested in Bitcoin. Dimon again emphasized and appreciated the blockchain technology behind bitcoin, saying, “Blockchain is a technology, a great technology. We will use blockchain, and blockchain will be useful in many ways.”

Neutral attitude: high hopes, patient observation, advice to get down to business

Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein

Goldman Sachs CEO Blankfein: Bitcoin is new, be patient to observe

In addition, there are also bigwigs The CEO of Goldman Sachs said that he was neutral and was in a “watching period”. The CEO of Goldman Sachs said that we need more time and patience to observe the future of bitcoin, and that more careful consideration is needed. Time will eventually tell whether Bitcoin is a great revolution or just a failed experiment. According to Blankfein, just as the replacement of gold with paper money was a world-long, back-and-forth process, it’s only natural that people are hesitant about bitcoin now. All we need is patience. Time will eventually tell whether Bitcoin is a great revolution or just a failed experiment.

Deloitte China blockchain sponsor Qin Yi: rational view of blockchain

Deloitte China blockchain sponsor and Deloitte Asia Pacific investment management industry leader Qin Yi believes that, on the whole, blockchain technology is still in its infancy, and many projects have not yet landed, just like infants in infancy, and cannot afford to be unrealistically sought after or killed. It can only mature gradually if it is cultivated step by step under the premise of respecting the law of growth. The new technology has its drawbacks and limitations, so we should not be passive and wait and see, but we should do it with high hopes and on the ground.”