Alibaba auction online copyright trading NFT market to achieve digital works copyright on the chain transaction

The new NFT marketplace, called blockchain digital Rights and Asset Trading, is now accessible through Aliauction, Alibaba's auction platform. NFT launched through the platform will be released on the new version of the chain, a distributed ledger technology platform centrally operated by the Copyright Committee of Sichuan Blockchain Association. Sichuan Blockchain Association issued a notice pointed out that the blockchain digital copyright asset trading project for literature, games, animation, music, art and other copyright owners, based on the new version of the chain for digital works copyright asset confirmation certification, chain transaction.

the announcement pointed out that the copyright in the new version of the chain to generate unique digital copyright assets certificate, after the transaction of copyright assets certificate legitimate holders, will have all the rights of digital works in addition to the right of authorship. The NFT market is now online and several NFTS will be auctioned next month. Bidders must pay a deposit of 500 yuan (about $77) to participate in the auction, with a starting price of 100 yuan per auction. The works currently on display include art from fans of the film Star Wars. This is not Alibaba's first foray into the NFT sector. In July, Alibaba's e-commerce platform Taobao debuted NFT's "Not bald Garden" virtual property designed by Chinese artist Huang Heshan at its annual Taobao Maker Festival to explore the problem of affordable housing in China. In the same month, THE South China Morning Post also launched its own NFT ARTIFACT, which aims to give all people the opportunity to own and trade several generations of journalists and newspaper coverage of historical moments, including the event of the handover of Hong Kong to China on July 1, 1997.