A16z invests in two NFT projects! Opensea raised $100 million series B funding ZED RUN raised $20 million

Virtually Human Studio (VHS), An Australian-based blockchain development company designed to develop A racing game called ZED RUN, today announced that it has raised $20 million in series A funding. The round was led by Chernin Group subsidiary TCG Capital and included Andreessen Horowitz(A16Z) and Red Beard Ventures. "Dear friends, we are officially announcing over $20 million in Series A funding, led by TCG, A16Z and Red Beard, dramatically accelerating our platform leadership development in the NFT space,

VHS said on Twitter.

's main product, ZED RUN, is a blockchain horse racing game. VHS built the game platform for digital horse training, breeding and racing to build their own meta-universe. Digital horses are sold in cryptocurrencies and have made substantial gains on THE NFT trading platform Opensea." The racing rules for

ZED RUN were that the horse owner paid an entrance fee and was awarded a prize for winning on a digital track. So far, ZED RUN players have spent $30 million on virtual horses, according to VHS. The company said it plans to use the new funds to expand the game and develop more features. Chris Laurent, CHIEF executive of

VHS, also said in a statement:" Unlike reality, ZED RUN's racing is unconstrained by the physical world, meaning that racing is now a 24/7 sport. Our vision for the future is to create a creator economy in the ZED RUN metauniverse where players can have careers like stable owner, track owner, breeder, accessory designer, etc. We also work closely with other brands to create immersive sponsorship experiences, such as our recent partnerships with The Preakness, Stella Artois and Atari." Arianna Simpson, A16z partner at

added that the gaming industry is likely to draw billions of people into cryptocurrency for the first time, and VHS has been at the forefront of NFT trends thanks to the team's keen intuition about consumers' desire for digital entertainment, And laid a firm foundation for a community-led market."

VENTURE capital scrambling to layout NFT

the emergence of a boom in the NFT field, but also prompted the placement of heavyweight venture capital. For example, A16Z's favorite NFT platform OpenSea raised A $100 million Series B round at A $1.5 billion valuation on March 20, four months after OpenSea raised a16Z's $23 million Series A round. Opensea, with its Series B funding, has emerged as a unicorn in the sector and plans to take advantage of the new influx of capital and hire more engineers to expand its NFT world map.