Liquidity mining and Layer2 layout helped Aave's total locked assets exceed $20 billion

When all deployed agreements are combined, Aave's total locked in assets value (TVL) has doubled to $21.3 billion in less than a month, according to decentralized lending platform Aave. TVL, the AAVE V2 protocol deployed on Ethereum, accounted for $12.6 billion." The rapid growth in Aave's total locked asset value (TVL) was driven by the launch of the mobile mining program and the deployment of Polygon Layer 2. News previously reported, according to the chain Aave late June announced the launch of liquidity after mining, as a platform users more benefits and USES the cause, since then Aave total locking assets value (TVL) was improved, although this time has experienced the encryption of money market callback, but Aave TVL still grow up in this period of time more than three times." According to Dune Analytics, Aave's unique user base is growing as a percentage of its users compared to the two major lending platforms, Maker and Compound, and only Aave has maintained its upward trend during the market crash. In addition, the total dollar value of loans on the Aave platform surpassed Maker, Compound in May, indicating a substantial increase in adoption of the Aave platform, It also means that the platform's liquidity mining decisions are working.




Layer 2 layout leads Aave's total locked asset value (TVL) to reach the $20 billion milestone. In addition to Aave V2 on Ethereum, The rapid growth of the forked version of Polygon deployed on the Layer2 network also contributed. According to Polygon, in just six weeks since its launch, TVL has reached $7.8 billion in total locked assets, placing it at number 4 even when ranked alongside other ethereum projects. The success of Aave has led to more DeFi projects moving to Polygon." Even before Aave officially launched on Polygon in early April, Aave's head of integration Marc Zeller predicted that Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem would gradually transition to a multi-chain ecosystem with the Ethereum network as the underlying settlement layer. We're definitely seeing more and more Layer2 or side chains coming up.

for example, the recent discussion is quite high Layer2 solution Arbitrum, the network launched on May 28, the main network test version, there are more than 200 DeFi protocol submitted to its test application, Uniswap and Sushiswap two DEX has been in the community vote, Officially announced will be deployed in the network, and Uniswap governance proposal is submitted by the Compound founder, and the largest number of supporters is Synthetix founder, so it can be speculated that the two DeFi protocol has a great probability will enter the Arbitrum network.