Stablecoin wars: Terra 4Pool has run TVL on Fantom for $31 million

According to Coindesk,

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are running on the Fantom network ahead of the release of liquidity pool 4Pool, which is part of the revenue optimization protocol Curve. Within hours of Posting the news,

had reached $31 million in TVL and over $2.4 million in transactions. At press time, the pool held a total of $9.75 million in FRAX, $8.4 million in USDC, $5 million in UST and $7.92 million in USDT.

its developers also said that 4Pool will initially be tested on Fantom and Arbitrum network, the connection will be tested on Ethereum, and pointed out that, 4Pool aims to become one of the most liquid yield mining pools on Curve. Currently, the largest stablecoin Curve pool is stablecoin liquidity pool 3Pool composed of DAI, USDC and USDT, with TVL of $3.53 billion. Sam Kazemain, founder of the

algorithm stablecoin protocol Frax Finance, later told Coindesk that for projects of interest to 4Pool, Operational support from Frax Finance.

"Frax and Terra look forward to all projects using 4Pool to meet the need for stablecoin yield and liquidity."

Frax Finance Founder Sam Kazemain said inan interview with Bankless that he and Terra founder Do Kwon have been friends for three to four years. For the liquidity pool 4pool consisting of USDT, USDC, UST, and FRAX.

Kazemain added that as a currency issuer, the ultimate goal is to transfer money to where there is economic activity, and the success of a currency depends on its economic activity and the total number of people using it.

Kazemain points out that Curve, like Staboin's WordPress, is a very important piece of infrastructure. Speaking of 4Pool, Kazemain says:" We are also very willing to do some very big things with 4Pool, such as partnering with other projects and providing revenue.