PayPal has increased the amount of cryptocurrency customers can buy to $100,000 per week in response to market demand

Third party payment platform PayPal has announced that the amount of cryptocurrency purchased through its platform by CUSTOMERS in the United States (excluding Hawaii) has increased to $100,000 per week. It used to be $10,000 a day.

PayPal's layout in the crypto market is expanding step by step, while establishing the positioning of the crypto platform. The strength of the duck's stroke is not only comparable to the general crypto exchange, but even may win. The key is that PayPal can carry out encrypted payment. After coming under fire for allowing only customers to buy and hold cryptocurrencies until March of this year, PayPal expanded its original Crypto service, Checkout With Crypto, to include payments for purchases, allowing PayPal to expand into another market.

"PayPal said in a press release:" These changes will give our customers more choice and flexibility when purchasing cryptocurrency on our platform."

U.S. customers (outside Of Hawaii) can currently buy, sell or hold Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin on PayPal and use them to pay for goods and services. In May, PayPal allowed customers who bought Bitcoins on the platform to transfer their money to an external wallet.