SOL has been weak recently! Solana Foundation: It was a DoS attack that caused the 17-hour blockchain outage

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Solana had a sudden crash on the evening of 14th, resulting in the suspension of trading. Solana officials said at the time that the cause of the crash was due to heavy transaction load, TPS once reached 400,000, resulting in a large number of node memory exhaustion, began to break team, and even bifurcated phenomenon. Solana did not officially announce the completion of the mainnet restart until around 2pm on The 15th.

Solana Foundation released a post-mortem report on its website on The 20th. According to the preliminary post-mortem analysis of the 14th outage, the network was actually inundated by a large number of incoming exchanges due to a denial-of-service attack. According to the

Solana Foundation, the attack originated from Raydium, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that runs on the Solana blockchain. After a project called Grape Protocol launched IDO on Raydium, bots initiated a flood of transactions that resulted in memory exhaustion, many validation nodes crashing, and the network stopping producing blocks when consensus on the current state of the blockchain could not be determined.

Decrypt notes that while this attack is not a traditional distributed denial-of-service attack (DDOS attack) that can destroy websites and other servers, Solana's statement indicates that the end result is still similar.

Eventually, the verifier of the network chooses to update and restart the network, performing a hard fork from the last identified block. According to the Solana Foundation, it took 14 hours to coordinate a reboot that required 80% verifier consensus and update nodes to get the network up and running again. "Thanks to the community of verifiers, engineers and the entire Solana ecosystem working together to solve this problem," said the

Solana Foundation." Things like this rarely happen and it's devastating for everyone." But when you need to fix something on a decentralized network, it's a real community project." The

Solana Foundation said a report on more detailed technical details and root cause analysis will be released in the coming weeks. Solana(SOL), which hit a new high of $216 earlier this month, looks subdued in the near term. Since hitting a new high on Thursday, SOL has shown a downward trend, trading at $141.31 before the press, down 35% from this month's high, according to Tradingview. SOL has also fallen more than 16 percent in the past seven days.